Upon returning from 18 years in the Artic working for several oil drilling companies I decided to build a barge.  I had learned the skills in the oil field that were required, welding, hydraulics, discipline, hard work, pipefitting and engineering in iron work.  I already had the drive and desire to complete anything that I set my mind to, that came at birth. 

I funded the project by investing in several real estate ventures and all I needed was a place to build it, that's why the last piece of property I bought was near the river at the south end of Flathead Lake where there was access to launch the vessel after completion. 

As it turned out it took 11 months, 135 tons of steel and countless nights of no sleep and on April 19th 2000, we pushed the Sir Isaac Walton into the River and headed for Flathead Lake.

On that day, Dockmasters was born and we set out to be the best dock builder and marine contractor on the lake.