Beach Restoration
Moving and placement of big rocks on beach.

Destruction/Removing Old Docks
When removing old docks from the lake, safety and efficiency is key to providing the quickest and...

Installing Boat Lifts/Boat Canopies
Capacities from 6,000 to 20,000 lbs.
All aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and long term durability
Angled to ease launching in shallow water
Fast, efficient and quiet gearbox drive system
Machined Aluminum Cable Winders are Standard. Extends cable and drive shaft life.
Piling or Seawall mount
Sealed, oil-bath gear boxes and weather resistant motors.  Patented "Riches Switches" with lockable, weather resistant enclosure.

Dock Building
Weather can play a part in ...with new innovation in dock building materials, Dockmasters offers state of the art in creativity and design to insure long lasting enjoyment of your dock build project.

Patio Building
Building an outdoor lake front recreation area involves...

Dredging/ Excavation
A specialty onto itself, dredging and excavating, especially  in the  Flathead must meet stringent environmental permitting regulations.  Dockmasters performs maintenance and new work dredging, with specialties in subaqueous trench and tunnel excavation, backfill and hydraulic landfill.